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Cultural Court Little Saigon Westminster

Cultural Court Little Saigon Westminster

The Cultural Court Statues in Little Saigon Westminster are hidden away from the hustle and bustle of Bolsa Avenue. In all there are seventy-two statues of ancient priests in various poses. These wonderful statues are the last thing you would expect to find squeezed in between a grocery store loading dock and a housing tract.

The Cultural Court Statues were featured in a scene from the movie Fast and Furious. Vin Diesel and his rival, Johnny Tran fought it out as Diesel's car burned in the background. These days there is not too mcuh excitement going on, most people don't even know the statues exist.

The Cultural Court is located directly across Bolsa Avenues from Asian Garden Mall at the rear of Asian Village shopping center. Parking can be hard to find with Asian Garden Mall offering the largest parking lot. If your in the area the statues are defiantly worth a look. More about Little Saigon.

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