Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk Classic California

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk is a classic California beachfront amusement park. There are only three beach theme parks still open along the California coast Santa Cruz, Santa Monica Pier and Belmont Park in San Diego.

Most people head to the big-name parks like Disneyland and Magic Mountain to get their thrills. Big park means big entrance fee.

The smaller old time theme parks do not charge to get in just for each ride you take. You can buy just one ticket, an all day pass or just walk along the boardwalk and enjoy some cotton candy.

The Santa Cruz Boardwalk has been around since 1907 and is still family owned and operated. The park is the oldest surviving beach front amusement park in California. Outlasting the Pike in Long Beach, Neptune Beach in Alameda and Playland in Ocean Beach.

The Boardwalk looks much the same as it did fifty years ago and is still a popular family destination. The rides are not as hi-tech as the major California amusement parks but with free admission the price can not be beaten.

Rides and Attractions Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk: Giant Dipper Wooden Roller Coaster – More than 50 million riders have experienced the breathtaking excitement of the Giant Dipper, a classic wooden roller coaster, since it first opened in 1924.

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

Cave Train Adventure features many of its original 1961 cast of characters and technology of the 21st century. This glow-in-the-dark train ride is a new experience complete with nostalgic elements that families have loved for generations.

The Vault: Laser Maze enter a room full of green laser beams and try to navigate to the finish line without crossing any of the beams.

Neptune’s Kingdom a nautical-themed entertainment center located on the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk featuring arcade games.

Classic Looff Carousel built in 1911, takes visitors of all ages on a timeless journey of color, lights, and sound.

Skyglider travels high above the beach and enjoys a view of the boardwalk and the Pacific Ocean.

In all, there are about thirty different rides and attractions plus plenty of places to snack and over indulge on theme park food.

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk Discounts

Show your AAA card at any ticket booth for a $4 discount on the Rides.

Groupon & Living Social occasionally offer deals for the Boardwalk

Buy a season and enjoy  Unlimited Rides for a year.

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk 400 Beach Street Santa Cruz, CA 95060

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