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Trestles Beach Bridge Then and Now

New bridge Trestles Beach
This is the new Trestles Beach bridge completed in 2012. The original wood bridge was encased in concrete at a cost of nearly seven million dollars. The new design will save about $250,000 dollars a year in upkeep. It will take 28 years to pay for the new bridge.
Train Bridge Trestles Beach
This is the original 1946 trestle beach bridge over San Mateo Lagoon. The bridge was replaced due to the high upkeep costs. Trains travel about 50 mph hour over the bridge and are hidden from view until they are almost upon you.
Trestles beach  new bridge
One unique feature of the new Trestles bridge is the lettering that spells out TRESTLES. About 45 trains cross the bridge every day including Amtrak and Metrolink passenger trains.

The old bridge may be gone but the beach and waves are still there. Trestles beach is well worth a look even if your not a surfer.

Keep in mind there are no snack shops or beach rentals just miles of sand and surf and we hope Trestles Beach remains this way forever.
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