Adventure City Anaheim Rides and Attractions

Adventure City Anaheim California

Adventure City is tucked away on Beach Boulevard in Anaheim. This wonderful little theme park is designed for smaller children that are not quite ready for big kids rides at major amusement parks. A theme park with training wheels.

Adventure city is best suited for children 12 and under. Some of the rides parents can hop on with their kids, others are just for children. Admission includes unlimited use of all rides, shows, and attractions except the arcade and Mount Adventurous.

If your kids like trains they will love riding the 1938 vintage miniature train that circles around the theme park. Freeway Coaster is a perfect ride to introduce children to the fun or riding roller coasters (parents can ride too.)

sRewind Racers, Adventure City’s new ride ups factor at the little theme park and might even attract a few coaster fans to check out the new ride.

Adventure City goes out of its way to make sure kids have a fun day. All of the rides are kept in top running condition and the park is always clean and safe. If you are looking for a fun and affordable place to take your kids, Adventure City is it.

Adventure City “The Little Theme Park” and Hobby City were once scheduled to be replaced with condominiums, however, the developer backed out on the deal. There are no plans to replace the little amusement park and Adventure City will continue operate and expand along with Hobby City.

Adventure City Rewind Racers

At one time Hobby City had a collection of shops that sold dollhouses, stamps, coins, rocks, teddy bears, antiques, living nature museum, reptiles and a cowboys of the Wild West store. Some stores were torn down to make a new parking lot, but several of them are still around including the hobby shop.

One of the most interesting buildings still in use is the White House which at one time was the Hobby City Doll and Toy Museum. These days the White House is being used for weddings and events.

Adventure City is located in the City of Anaheim not the City of Stanton. “The Little Theme Park” is a great place to spend the day with young children and if you are planning a birthday party your kids will have a blast at Adventure City.

 Hobby City Doll & Toy museum

The Hobby City White House in Anaheim is a 1/2 replica of the White house in Washington DC. For many years, the building housed the Hobby City Doll & Toy Museum.

The doll museum featured hundreds of unique toys and dolls from across the world including a huge train set. Notice the Hobby City Doll & Toy museum sign on top of the building which since has been removed.

The museum closed years ago and the dolls and toys are long gone along with the owners of the museum who used to live in the White House. Today you can rent the building for weddings and special events

Adventure City Rides: Rescue 911 fire trucks, police cars, and ambulances run along a track, Balloon Race, Barnstormer Planes, Drop Zone, Freeway Coaster a little kid coaster, Crank ‘n’ Roll train ride, Adventure City Express T 1938 miniature train ride, Crazy Bus, a vintage 1946 carousel, Giggle Wheel kids Ferris wheel.

Adventure City Anaheim Rides and Attractions

Attractions: theater showing puppet shows, petting zoo, Thomas and Friends toy train area, Mount Adventurous and an arcade.

Adventure City hosts your kids birthday parties at Party Station or in the tree house. All birthday parties include a full day or rides for guests.

Adventure City 1238 South Beach Blvd. Anaheim CA 714 236-9300 Park hours are 10 am to 5 pm. Open longer on weekends during the summer. Parking is free, unlike the big theme parks that charge you a fee to park your car. During the summer, the park is open all week while the rest of the year its weekends only.

Food and drinks are available inside the park including pizza, sandwiches, hot dogs. Also, you can pick up the usual theme park sweet treats such as churros, ice cream, cookies, caramel apples and frozen lemonade.

Adventure City is a non-smoking facility. Smoking is permitted outside the main gate. The price of admission includes unlimited use of all rides, shows and attractions except the climbing wall and arcade.

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  1. DayTrippen

    Adventure City has a new 2 million dollar Rewind Racers coaster. The ride is set to open this summer. Rewind Racers features a single train with that will carry 14 passengers.

    The train starts out backwards and climbs the hill. Then rushes forward down the hill, past the station up and down and around the track. Finally the train climbs the hill again and backs into the station.


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